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Image courtesy USFWS Ali Curtis

Statewide Investment Strategy

The Statewide Trails Investment Strategy focuses on ways to build on and expand trail infrastructure to help Alaska make the most of our outdoor recreation potential.  


Specific goals for the Alaska Trails Initiative and the investments identified in the Statewide Trails Investment Strategy include: 

  • build a stronger, more durable Alaska economy, particularly at this critical time when AK needs both near term jobs and investments to create lasting, diversified economic health   

  • attract and retain residents, businesses, retirees  

  • make it easier and more inviting to lead active, heathy lives 

  • help expand diversity in outdoor recreation users 

  • guide growth to help sustain what makes Alaska unique 


It covers a large area of a big state, and presents information on over 50 discrete trail projects, each with its own complexities. While every effort has been made to accurately convey the recommendations provided by our partners, we apologize in advance for the inevitable omissions, errors and nuances lost in translation. Those are the failings of the principal authors, not our partners. The good news is we will keep this process going, and continue to refine, improve, and expand this document over the coming months and years. 

Image courtesy JodyOPhotos

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