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The mission of the Alaska Trail Stewards Program is to provide volunteer-based and paid crew trail construction and maintenance services to public land managers and others who have the responsibility to safely and sustainably maintain trails throughout Alaska. 


trail projects


feet of trail built, maintained, or protected


volunteer hours


donated labor


Primary Goals

1. Increase the number of skilled and safe volunteers doing trail work on public lands in Alaska

2. Provide a wide variety of opportunities for citizen stewardship of public lands

3. Decrease the backlog of trail maintenance on public lands

4. Promote effective communication and coordination between skilled volunteers and land managers

5. Create a flexible program that can be a model for urban centers and rural communities throughout Alaska


Secondary Goals

1. Create or enhance partnerships between nonprofit organizations and land managers

2. Increase philanthropic support of trails throughout Alaska by engaging businesses and organizations

3. Expand youth engagement in caring for public lands

4. Develop a greater awareness of sustainable trail design and maintenance

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