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Alaska has only just begun to take full advantage of our State’s phenomenal outdoor recreation resources.  

The Alaska Trails Initiative is a coalition of trails organizations from around the state collaborating with leaders in government, business, the health industry, and the non-profit sector to invest more in the trails we love.  People and communities across Alaska recognize that outdoor recreation supports health, contributes to a high quality of life and—perhaps most importantly— drives spending that supports business, creates jobs and generates tax revenue that pays for schools and other public services. Investing in outdoor infrastructure attracts employers, residents, retirees, and skilled workforce, ensuring those communities thrive economically and socially. More than one job in ten in Alaska is tied to tourism and outdoor recreation spending. Smart investments could further grow this dynamic sector; good planning can make sure we grow while maintaining the quality of our natural settings and communities. 

Trails Investment Strategy

The Statewide Trails Investment Strategy focuses on ways to build on and expand trail infrastructure to help Alaska make the most of our outdoor recreation potential.  

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Our work relies on a growing coalition of statewide partners.

Join us in advocating for investment in Alaska's trails.

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