We're planning to schedule events for this summer!

We're creating a strategy to safely get volunteers back into the field this summer. With new CDC guidelines stating that fully vaccinated people don't need to mask outdoors, we're confident we can host safe and productive volunteer events again. We're planning to start scheduling events after June 5, and we'll have them listed here once they're planned. We've missed working with you, so we encourage you to get vaccinated and check back soon for more updates!

Interested in volunteering for Alaska Trails but don’t want to spend six hours swinging a Pulaski in the dirt? No problem! Alaska Trails is looking for volunteers excited to help in the following areas:

  • Video and photography

  • Web design

  • Graphic design

  • Grant writing

Want to help with something else? Fantastic!

Contact us today and find the right volunteer role for you: call 907-334-8049, or email office@alaska-trails.org