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Imagine a world-class trail system, connecting 500+ miles of Alaska’s iconic terrain and diverse communities from Seward to Fairbanks.

The proposed Alaska Long Trail will embrace the many ways Alaskans recreate outdoors and bolster the Alaska economy, growing near and long-term Alaska jobs and Alaskan-owned businesses. The time is now for Alaska to develop a stronger, more durable economy, by making smart investments in outdoor recreation. Many sections of trail already exist, and in 2022 Alaska Trails and our Trail Coalition partners want to identify specific routes and uses for the remaining gaps.

That’s where you come in! We’re raising $100,000 to facilitate trail planning work in 2022, and we’re only $10,000 away from reaching our goal. Working with partners and stakeholders to identify routes that will complete the remaining Long Trail gaps is a critical next step, and you can help make it possible.

It’s time for Alaska to invest in its future by creating a route that will stand with the other great long trails of the world. I hope you’ll join us in making this investment!

Cross Pass.jpg

Hiker on the Crow Pass Trail, part of the proposed Alaska Long Trail. Photo Credit: Alaska NPS

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