Currently Scheduled Courses
Fundamentals of OHV Trail Management in Alaska - April 22-23rd, 9AM, Alaska Pacific University

This two day workshop (instructor Kevin Meyer and field instructor Jon Underwood) will focus on the fundamental aspects of Off-Highway Vehicle trail management in Alaska. It is based upon 12 years of applied research and application by Kevin Meyer, recently retired National Park Service Regional Trails Specialist. The course will review trail management basic terminology and concepts - including sustainable design; describe a ten-element framework for OHV trail management; and dig into the technical aspects of trail management objective development (TMOs), terrain evaluation, layout, assessment and evaluation, trail hardening, and best management practices.

Through the use of lectures, lab exercises and field visits, participants will develop a broad knowledge base of trail ecology, and learn how to apply scientific principles to trails they use, manage, wish to develop, or hope to protect. Classroom sessions 1 to 1.5 days, field session .5 to .75 day.

Weather and site condition dependent. Please come prepared for outdoor activities on both days.

You can pre-register for the workshop on the 2014 Statewide Trails Conference page.

Trail Contracting Workshop -- April 22-23rd, 9AM, Alaska Pacific University

Instructor Mike Shields gives a detailed overview of contract preparation (contract types, specifications, terms and conditions, drawings, formats and boilerplate terminology and language, cost estimating, bid schedules, competency provisions, "do's and don't's" pitfalls) and contract inspection/administration in the field (lines of authority, pre-bid actions, contract award, inspection methods and protocols, contractual relations, change orders, disputes and claims, stop work orders, closeout vs termination, default procedures, "do's and don't's", pitfalls). Includes some classroom exercises to demonstrate points.

Agency staff, community and trail groups, trail non-profits, contractors, and anyone else wishing to let a contract or become a contractor is welcome to attend, and will gain awareness of the requirements for properly preparing and administering a successful trail construction or maintenance contract.

Session Length: 2 days, 9:00am to 5:00pm

You can pre-register for the workshop on the 2014 Statewide Trails Conference page.

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